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I cherish not only the dining culture in Kaunas restaurants but also my family traditions. When all the family sits at a clothed table neatly set with shining tableware, when we can give all attention to each other being served by our restaurant staff – we feel really exceptional.

I believe that everyone should have at least one place where he or she would feel exceptional and elated anytime.

During 15 years in restaurant business we have not yet attempted to roast … a wolf. Our chefs are capable of making epicurean dishes from ordinary ingredients. As one of our guests remarked “Unexpected delight: in your restaurant I learned what I really like”.

Co-owner Ingrida Gustienė

Cosy atmosphere of the restaurant overlooking a blooming valley with centennial oak-trees provides a perfect location for gala parties, business dinners, guest receptions or merry gatherings of friends and colleagues. Our dining facilities include a 50-seat restaurant hall and a 20-seat library hall.

The menu in the hotel restaurant is really fanciful. It is renewed twice a year to give you a chance to taste new gourmet dishes during your next visit. All dishes are exceptional: they are prepared and served as pieces of art. The restaurant owner Ingrida Gustienė creates new recipes and tastes the dishes with professional knowledge and deep appreciation for the sensuousness of good food – the quality, the colour, aroma, texture and harmony.

Every morning guests are welcome to a traditional English breakfast. For lunch and dinner guests may choose international and Lithuanian cuisine dishes a la carte.

Very busy people, who need a short break from their routine errands, will enjoy special offers of the restaurant’s chef (table d’hôte) at a very attractive price every weekday and at weekends!

The most popular dishes among our guests in 2009: home cognac-soused salmon served with three lily marmalade, pepper steak a la Perkūno Namai, French egg and cream custard Creme brulee.

Our service philosophy is based on sincere personal attention and elating the customer. We want every guest to feel at home, offering familiarity within the limits and always friendly companionship. Some guests have their favourite waiters and ask to be attended by them.

Friday clubs in the restaurant featuring meetings with interesting people and celebrities, wine and food tasting, theme nights, gala events and banquet catering have captured the hearts of many guests and our regular clients.

What makes our restaurant attractive?

  • Arranging and serving banquets and buffet style parties in Perkūno Namai Restaurant (up to 70 guests) or another setting of your choice;
  • Culinary and pastry dishes prepared to order and delivered to your home;
  • Arranging and serving theme events;
  • Special menu and restaurant setting for every holiday.

Parties and banquets catering Note: special accommodation discount is offered to guests of parties held in our restaurant.