Outdoor terrace

Usually the outdoor terrace is opened in May as this month keeps all the spring’s promises – sunny mornings and long warm evenings. People start enjoying the daily joys that were forgotten during winter: the sun, the blossoming of flowers and trees, the returning passion for life. Bloom watching with a cup of tea or a mug of café late is an unforgettable experience.

We have three sakura trees the blooming of which starts the new season each spring. How many days of spring do you spend in Heaven’s Orchard? If the answer is ‘none’, then it is high time to start because in May our place is like heaven. In June the head gets dizzy from the scent of roses and strawberries eaten with whipped cream. Then comes July with a glass of cold drink in the breeze… Summer is not a season but a craving that we look forward to for nine months. August, the cousin of July, is even more enchanting and coveted as the days get shorter and darker. The best way to spare time is to live in the Here and Now. If not now then when?

What a pleasure is to cycle in the old oak-tree park, along the quiet streets of the Green Hill lined with gems of wooden architecture and then relax in our outdoor café with a cup of coffee, a bowl of home-made ice-cream, a glass of milk and fruit shake.

This year You can listen to live music every summer Thursday in our garden! More in page EVENTS.