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“People, who write about the kitchen and cuisine and, of course, base on the old traditions of good culinary art, are usually born and raised in places evoking certain reminiscences, where their mothers and grandmothers had nurtured their taste buds. Tables always covered with white starchy cloths were laid with shining glasses, jars of pure olive oil and balsamic vinegar, flowers in vases and silver candlesticks – silent witnesses of kitchen intercourse through ages. Only pleasant things were discussed in such dining rooms: superb pâté with truffles, mouth-washing cherry soufflé and the new coffee, recently sent in by a friend explorer from Brazil. I think that famous cooks and gourmets, sommeliers and cook-book authors and finally the elitist diners are raised in such environment” (from Isabel Allende’s novel “Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses”, chapter “The Good Table”).

In our restaurant we also nourish the tradition of white table cloths, beautiful tableware, epicurean dishes and friendly conversations. It does not have to be luxurious. For us it involves thoughtfulness and respect to the table and the diners company.

The restaurant seats 50 guests. We invite you to celebrate family and corporate events here.

Note: special accommodation discount is offered to guests of parties held in our restaurant.